This hyper-stylised music video focuses on the harsh reality of today; Greed. The story takes place in 'Purgatory', where the weakened angel Abathar Muzania judges the souls of passed humans, seeing if they are to go to Heaven or Hell; This is a war and Hell is winning. People are so consumed by greed, in fact, everyone's life depends on it. Through this, the Devil gets stronger as God weakens, soul by soul.

The video went on to win 'Best Music Video' at the LOS ANGELES FILM AWARDS (LAFA) in 2016. Then collected a further 6 nominations internationally.  


Emilio Salerno

Richard Walsh

Cyran Vergara

Jake Jones

Directed by Joshy Lee

Assistant Director Lloyd Sandall

Production Designer Luciano D'Amato

Cinematography by Richard Bertenshaw

1st Camera Assistant / Focus Puller Harry Vizard

2nd Camera Assistant Jack Blanch

Makeup by Bib Charles