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'Homeward' is a heart wrenching short film about the serious effects of homelessness.

The film follows a few days in the life of WENDY, a homeless teenage girl who attempts to find a new place to stay whilst living in her car. 

The film was originally produced in 2017 by Gloucester College HND students for their graduation short film. After completion, they screened the film at Gloucester Cineworld where the filmmakers won Best 'Picture', 'Cinematography', 'Editing' & 'Sound' at their end of year screening! Then went on to further success at the 'London Shorts Film Festival', 'Unrestricted View' & 'Plymouth Rebel Film Festival'.


The project was written and directed by Jack Blanch, who has worked on a number of independent music videos and award-winning short films. The film's camera was helmed by Aleah Johnson, the cinematographer, who won an award for her work on the film 'Brothers' at the Royal Television Society Student Awards. The rest of the crew were made up of graduating students from Birmingham city university and Gloucestershire college. Some of whom worked to bring together the award-winning short films 'Brothers', 'At Dawn' & 'First Time'.


Produced by BLANC PICTURES / Distributed by STUDIO 7 FILMS

(2020 - 2022)