Cyran Vergara, the 'Boy in the Corner' Rising Star interview with Castle of Truth

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Cyran gives an in-depth look into his acting career so far, how he landed the lead role in 'Boy in the Corner', and explaining how and why he chose to become an actor and an aspiring filmmaker at such a young age.

"I always had a passion for video creation, performance, and entertaining people. When I was around ten, I started making YouTube videos for myself, my family, and friends from school.", "My first role was in a music video ‘Destitute Blues’ for a local band when I was 11. Ever since then, I fell in love with the whole feeling of being on set."

Cyran also goes on to talk about how he achieved the lead role of 'Myles' in the upcoming British Independent film, 'Boy in the Corner'. "I jumped at any opportunity and auditioned for and acted in a handful of short films and music videos. Then, in 2020, I auditioned for a role in a feature film called ‘Boy in the Corner’ and got the lead role of Myles!" And he also explains how he prepared for such an involved and emotional role. "I try to find a connection between me and the character. I get as much information from the director to help me understand the character and their situation and then put myself into their position."

You can read the full interview below, where Cyran also explains various challenges he's faced, advice for other young and aspiring actors, as well as a fun challenge that was attempted by the cast and crew, including crackers... Full interview here:

('Boy in the Corner' | behind the scenes)

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