NETFLIX PARTY (hosted by Studio 7 Films)

While we're all quarantined and stuck in isolation, Studio 7 Films have decided to organize a Watch Party on Netflix! It's an easy process to join in, and it keeps us close and entertained during this strange period.

How to get involved:

1. Install the 'Netflix Party' Extension from Google Chrome on your computer!

2. Follow

3. Every Saturday at 8:30 pm we will post a unique link for you to watch with us!

(To join in, you will need to have a Netflix subscription and can only join via google chrome on a computer)

We'll be posting a poll on the Studio 7 Films Instagram account ( as well as the Facebook page, where you can vote for what film we stream each week!

Everyone stay safe and let's work together to counteract the spread of the virus, and why not have some fun whilst doing it!

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