'SUNSET HILL' Anniversary!

The hyper-stylised 1960's short film, 'Sunset Hill' hits it's one year anniversary from its release in 2019! And through the recent acquisition of 'Amarok Films' by 'Studio 7 Films', in October of 2019, the film is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, UK & US.

The film is a true showcase of talent by the crew and cast, recreating and redesigning a 1960's setting on a minimal budget and resources. The film's writer and director Joshy Lee holds it up there as one of his "fondest projects" and one in which himself and the team "learned the most from". A lot of work went into the preparation and overall design of the film, with production designers Luciano D'Amato & Ellie Light, the costume designer Meghan Warren, and director of photography Richard Bertenshaw; working closely to redesign the '60s in its own unique stylised way. Keeping the bright colours that contrast with the climax of the film, but worked seamlessly with the bubbly couple played by Megan Purvis & Oliver Towner.

The film quickly turned into a passion project for everyone involved. The team worked tirelessly for 3 complete night shoots up on a freezing cold hill in January, pretending that it was mid-summer. The shoot had its fair share of issues arise, but that's basically what filmmaking is, problem-solving under pressure! Most obstacles were overcome, and others led to invaluable lessons. The best and fastest way to learn is by throwing yourself in the deep end and accepting the possibility of failure, then learning from it.

The film has gone on to be nominated in the 'Los Angeles Film Festival', 'Las Vegas Film Festival', 'Copenhagen International Film Festival', and 'MoziMotion'. Also holding a current 9.1 rating on IMDb and 5/5stars on Prime Video in the UK & US!

Stream & Watch the film via Prime Video here:

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