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 A socially confused teenager finds himself in a gang initiation, peer-pressured into a situation he never wanted to be a part of. 

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On an evening in 1969, a young couple Maxine and Michael, venture up to Sunset Hill, to watch over the sleeping town and enjoy a romantic evening together, until...

Through this short 3-part documentary series, we explain the reason why we chose to produce 'Eye 4 an Eye' and how the small and talented cast and crew behind its creation achieved it!

This was originally a proof of concept for a feature of the same name. This micro-short was taken straight from the film's hook. So this is what the beginning of the feature more or less would have been!

'KUYA' (2020)

KUYA is a micro-short horror film about a young Filipino boy and his guilty past.

'NICOTINE' (2016)

Two 'Sweeney' looking chaps are sat waiting in a car. Tony, chain-smokes to calm himself from the headaches and stress caused by Pete's none stop chatter about nothing important. But what are they waiting for?..

'WATCHED' (2019)

When two best friends are abducted by an unhinged and obsessive stalker, their terrifying ordeal is live-streames over the internet.

A blind insecure middle-aged man, Adam Bernard, comes across a mysterious box that grants him intense insight into the happier times of his life, all while a darker force creeps in through the cracks...


Check out some of the short films we've distributed through AMAZON PRIME VIDEO!